App Boilerplates

App Boilerplates (also referred to as Quantive Results Codegen) is a is a CLI tool which allows fast creation of boilerplate with pre-filled data for each app type.

It supports defining various input and output types.


  • macOS

The Quantive Results Codegen tool is available via Homebrew. To install it on Mac execute the following commands in a terminal: shell $ brew tap gtmhub/homebrew-gtmhub $ brew install gtmhub-codegen

  • Windows

The Quantive Results Codegen tool is available on Windows PC via Chocolatey. To install it on Windows execute the following commands in PowerShell:

choco install gtmhub-codegen

NOTE This tool is written in Go language. Some antivirus software for Windows mistakes .exe files generated by the Go compiler with trojan virus. if you encounter any warnings during installation it is safe to discard them. For additional information about this known issue visit Go - Virus FAQ

  • Linux

The Quantive Results Codegen tool is available for Linux as a Wget package. To install it:

  1. Locate the desired (usually the latest) version of the tool from the GitHub - Quantive Results Codegen repo.
  2. Copy the link to the gtmhub_codegen_linux.tar.gz file
  3. Execute the following command in a terminal, replacing the {gtmhub_codegen_linux.tar.gz URL} with the copied URL. For example:
$ wget -O {gtmhub_codegen_linux.tar.gz URL}

NOTE If wget is not installed, you can easily install it using the package manager of your distribution. For more information see Installing Wget.

Basic usage

To use the tool and generate a Data or UI App template, execute the following command:

gtmhub-codegen [SUBCOMMAND] [OPTIONS]

Where SUBCOMMAND is one of:

  • data - generates a Data app template
  • ui - generates a UI app template

For a full list of the available OPTIONS pass the -h flag to a *SUBCOMMAND. For example:

gtmhub-codegen data -h